Telecom Sales Solutions

ITM Africa Ltd provides various business strategies for telecom companies to help them enhance visibility and boost sales revenues. We conduct thorough market research to better understand subscribers’ needs with the objective of increasing the Average Revenue per User based on a distribution channel partner agreement between ITM Africa Ltd and the telecom company.

We also train and provide a qualified freelance sales force to help promote and sell fixed (internet) and prepaid products on the field. Our sales agents are trained on sales techniques, supervised on route plan and daily reporting to help them conclude the sales cycle of leads conversion within the set timelines and revenue targets.
We offer the following services to telecom companies:

 Market research:
• Data collection on target segments and client satisfaction
• Service packaging analysis
• To identify existing strengths to enhance, as well as gaps and challenges with the company’s sales and marketing strategies in order to implement the best solutions
• To identify the best strategies to implement in order to differentiate themselves from the competition

Sales Force:
• Building a sales force: recruitment of sales agents or freelancers based on their individual qualifications and experiences in the telecommunication sector, training on sales techniques and recycling sales agents.
• Training on our telecom partner’s values and code of conduct
• Training on our telecom partner’s products and services
• Training on data collection and sales reporting mechanisms
• Daily supervision and monitoring of sales progress & achievements