Insurance Sales Services

ITM Africa Ltd provides various business solutions for insurance companies to help increase visibility and promote their wide range of insurance services on the market: We conduct thorough market research to identify current profile and typical client behaviours, their financial needs, concerns on insurance cover, their lifestyle and risk profile, potential target audiences in order to establish the target client segment and best value proposition tailored to the specific segment needs.

We train and provide a professional sales force to help promote and sell the insurance packages they offer through door-to-door and face-to-face interaction with current and potential customers: More direct and professional contact and information sharing with clients will lead to guaranteed increase in brand visibility and differentiation in their respective markets.

Market research:
• To identify existing and potential target segments to explore the optimal approach to serve the market through tailored customer experience, product range and distribution strategy
• Measure customer satisfaction.
• To identify existing strengths to enhance, as well as gaps and challenges in the company’s sales and marketing strategies in order to implement the best solutions
• To identify the best strategies to implement in order to differentiate themselves from the competition

Sales force:
• Recruitment of sales agents to build the company’s sales force (based on their individual qualifications and experiences in the insurance sector)
• Training on the insurance company’s values and code of conduct
• Training on insurance policies, tailored packages and underwriting procedures
• Daily supervision and monitoring of sales progress & achievements