Hospitality Solutions

Hospitality is a fast growing industry in Rwanda. ITM Africa Ltd developed solutions for Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers (HORECA) to address the needs of the large hospitality market: HORECA solutions are tailored for hospitality businesses to strengthen:
• organizational structure and development
• definition of concepts
• understanding their business level
• adapting to new trends in hospitality
Our main goal is to deliver solutions with the most modern, efficient and effective results, helping your business thrive and to establish itself as a solid brand.
ITM Africa Ltd offers HORECA capacity building programmes that are customized to align with your hospitality business’ needs and goals. One of our most popular and effective strategy is a four-step process based on:
• Observation
• Innovation
• Evaluation and
• Providing a solution
Through our training programmes, participants will gain:
• Broadened knowledge and skills about customer care
• Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles
• Food and Beverage (F&B) training on improving sales revenues
• F&B safe serve techniques and methods
• Sales techniques and how to approach a client
• Appropriate storage procedure
• Time management in production
• Operational SOP’s
• And much more.

We also conduct:
• Client satisfaction surveys
• Indentify company’s market positioning and level of service