Headhunting and Talent Acquisition

ITM Africa Ltd assists businesses in finding the best talents for their workforce. We use our vast professional network, local and international, and our extensive database of profiles to carefully select the right person for your business.

With the help of our other offices across Africa, we are able to search for locals and expats in our large profile database who have the skills that best suit the position you want filled in your company. Our CV database has diverse profiles for different industries. Our headhunting service is highly sought out for companies seeking directors for various fields in Rwanda, such as mining, environmental and industrial safety, engineering, IT, architecture, business development, and much more.

ITM Africa Ltd has a dedicated team that is dedicated to talent acquisition and career guidance: We works closely with universities in Rwanda and the city council to identify skills’ gaps in the country and offer solutions by organizing pre-selections and recruitment campaigns, helping students to enroll in internship programs, organize their C.V.s’ review training and employment discussions